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Do YOU WEAR PANTS TO BED?Panties To Bed Is Detrimental To Your Health! - Read reason!

Do you wear pants to bed? Many women would
likely answer in the affirmative.
However, experts
say when a woman does so on a daily basis
when it’s not necessarily because she is having
her period, there may be untoward side effects
to it!

Physicians ever that the female genital needs to
breathe in order to maintain its PH levels and
prevent fungi and odour. And that’s why doctors
advise going bare below when it’s bed time at
the close of day.
“With BV, there is an increase in harmful
bacteria and a decrease in good bacteria. BV is
the most common va’ginal infection in women of
child-bearing age.”

Part of the problem, says Family Physician, Dr.
Grace Obong, is that during the day, women wear
a variety of panties and tight outfits that hardly
allow their privates to breathe. She says though
it’s advisable and absolutely preferable to wear
cotton panties, many women still opt for
polyester panties, with the attendant heating up
of the genital area while the day lasts.
And as for those who may not like to go to sleep
without having pants on, Obong recommends
wearing of boxers or pyjamas.

Bacterial va’ginosis
Talking about the need to maintain the PH levels
of the va’gina, experts at say
the va’gina normally has a balance of mostly
“good” bacteria and fewer “harmful” bacteria.
However, a condition, called bacterial va’ginosis,
develops when the balance changes.

Obong says women with BV may have an
abnormal va’ginal discharge with an unpleasant
odour, while some women may complain of a
strong fish-like odour, especially after se’x.
“The discharge can be white (milky) or gray. It
may also be foamy or watery. Other symptoms
may include burning when ur’inating, itching
around the outside of the va’gina, and irritation;
while some women with BV have no symptoms
at all,” she adds.

Yeast infection
To further underscore the negative effects of
wearing panties to bed,online portal, Medline
Plus, also notes that too much moist in the
female genital area can lead to va’ginal yeast
infection, most commonly due to the fungus
Candida albicans.
“Wearing tight underwear or a pair made from
polyester or some other material that doesn’t
breathe can lock in moisture and lead to yeast
infections,” the warning goes.

Again, Certified Sexuality Counselor, Evelyn Resh,
says, “I do not recommend that women wear
underwear to bed. Taking a break from
underwear for the eight or so hours that you’re
asleep gives you an opportunity to ‘air-out’ down
there! Best to have an underwear-free zone while
And while yeast infection is not a se’xually
transmitted illness, physicians say some men will
develop symptoms such as itching and a rash on
the pen*s after having se’xual contact with an
infected partner.
The symptoms of yeast infection are as
obnoxious as they are embarrassing, and they
include abnormal va’ginal discharge, which
ranges from a slightly watery, white discharge to
a thick, white, chunky discharge; painful
intercourse, painful urination, redness and
swelling of the vu’lva; and itching in the va’gina
and the lab’ia. You may also feel burning
sensation when you have yeast infection.

Go natural
The online physician, Dr. Mehmet Oz, counsels,
“It’s time to go on natural. You don’t want it to
be so moist down there. Let it dry out a little
bit.” The reason for this timely advice, Oz says,
is because the underpants can abrade on your
skin a little bit, and can cause pimples. And you
don’t want that. 

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