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Please, kindly tell us your names? 

My names are Omobola Adetutu Abidoye popularly known as Bollytea

Can you tell us
who Bollytea is? 
Bollytea is a very friendly and playful actress,i don't discriminate,am very humble,never like a dull moment any where I am,i always make people laugh with funny talks,everyone likes being around me

At what age did you enter the industry?
I joined a theatre troupe @ oshogbo in 2007, led by Mr Oladapo Ayodele who is the Tampan governor in osun state now , he was the state Secretary of ANTP then and he was d first person that took me to a location @ ife where Rose Odika was shooting one of her movie, then we are to rehearse for three years before coming to the screen, it was so funny then.. laugh out loud

What does being an artist mean to you?
What a great question,it means a lot to me being and Artiste as to do with a lot of things strength, energy,bravery,courage, talent,endurance and most importantly time one as to create time for what one  really have passion for

Do you mind telling us about your family?
Hmm yea! am the last born of my family,I've got 5 sisters and a brother,and my parent are so loving and caring, they call me daddy's pet @ home

Who inspired you to pursue your dream of acting?
Got inspired by God who create me to this world,and Mrs Jaye Kuti my role model, kudos to Mr Samson Oluwale Adebayo who is my director,my boss he's the best boss one can approach any day any time

Who have you worked with in the industry?
A Lot o! I have worked with Bayo Tijani, Jaye Kuti, Femi Brainard, Afeez Oyetoro, Stephnora Okereke Falana, Bimbo Oshin, Yomi gold, Damola Olatunji, Tunde Owokoniran, Akin lewis, Antar Laniyan, Victoria Omole, Mariakam

Name the movies you've featured in?
Conflict of pain, Kokoro, Ayanfemi, Simbiat, Alafehinti,Atiranmugangan, Ambode, Okiki, Debbys kitchen, boy o boy, Atamatase, and lots more.

Except for Nigeria, which Country would you love to visit?
Not really freaked about traveling out,if u are rich u will always be free and enjoy  in Naija

What are the challenges you face in the industry?
hmnn, piracy, risking life to travel for work, using a lot of money to produce and @ the end u don't get back your money.

Who is your celebrity crush?
am scared and shy to say it am crushing on two Artiste my number one is Akon pls don't let him know, and I use to crush on Peter of Psquare please don't let Aunty omolola know before she breaks my head lolz...

What do you like to watch on tv?
i like Naija music,always carried away when I listen to psquare,olamide reminisce, and terryG, love rugged singers.  

What would you be if you were not an artist? 
A media practitioner, I read mass communication in Olabisi Onabanjo University ,so if am not acting will always be in the media world cos am a media practitioner.

Do you have any hobbies?
yes I write script, I swim and love dancing

what is your favorite music?
Gospel, hip-hop, Fuji

where did you grow up?
Kano state, and Osun state

what kind of kid were you?
A very funny kid, people love me being around them, my dad always take me around cos am humble and respectful I can be naughty most times that's wen my mum will torture me with omorogun  (laughing)

 Do you have any pets?

What kind of men are you into?
I love humble, loyal, cute rugged guys.

Are you dating so and so if they hang out once?
I like keeping my relationship life private

What kind of advice would you give your fans or the upcoming ones? 
Never give up, and keep being courageous, you can do it, and to all my fan am all yours

Do you have a favorite quote or saying that what is on your mind?
we are what we repeatedly do.Excellence, then,is not an act but an habit..... thanks.

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