Monday, 31 August 2015

Things Were Rough For Me Before I Released Sekem — MC Galaxy

Fast-rising singer and comedian,
Innocent Udeme Udofot, also known as
MC Galaxy, revealed in an interview how
things were rough for him before he did
the song, Sekem.

According to him: “Things were rough
for me before Sekem. I want people to
see me and be inspired by my story,
saying, “If MC Galaxy can do it, I can do
it. I remember when I used to perform at
a comedy club; I was usually paid
N2,000 and would sleep in the club till
the next day because I had little for
transport fare. By the grace of God, I
have become very busy now.”
When asked how he came about the
dance, Sekem, he has this to say: “After
Kukere, I usually dance Skelewu and I
created the Sekem dance from the
comedy club. The dance started trending
from there. I decided to take it further
by using it in my song. I had created
dance steps for other people, so I decided
to create mine.
Sekem in my local dialect means shift
there. It is actually called Sekemi. I
omitted the “I” and renamed it Sekem”.

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