Monday, 31 August 2015


Pasuma has come out to explain that his
entry into the Hip-Hop genre is to help
Fuji music and take it to the next level.
Paso who recently won the Fuji Musician
of the Year Award at the recent City
People Entertainment Awards in a recent
interview told City People why he took
the big plunge.

Congrats on your last album listening party.
How did it go?
It was wonderful. I felt good. I give
thanks to God. I have been on this plan
to do hip-hop for a long time. My
Manager, Afolabi Oyekoya, A021 Media
now came up with the idea again. He
said Alhaji Pasuma, this is the right
time for us to do this. I now said okay,
lets do it and see what will come out of

What are we expecting now?
After this new Hip-Hop album the next
is to try and bring out a new Fuji
artiste. We are planning to do a Fuji
competition. Its been a while since we
have seen a new Fuji artiste come out.
So we are trying to do a Fuji music
competition, maybe we can pick a new
Fuji artiste from there.
You now have a label…
Oh yes, I have my own label now, called
Wasbah Records. We are Francofre at
the moment. We are trying to put
Quidot on it and Small Doctor with
maybe 2 or 3 Fuji artistes later. 
What made you go into Hip-Hop? You are
doing well with Fuji?
Because we wanted to diversify.
Diversity is very important to ones life.
That you are a Fuji musician does not
mean you can’t do something else.
People still see me as a Fuji artiste but
they see it that this guy really knows
what he is doing and that he can do
something nice. That is why we

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