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Please, kindly tell us your names?
My name is Victoria Modupe Omole, known as Vickie

Can you tell us who Vickie is?
Vickie is a very passionate actress; I’m unique in my own way and brilliant, am inquisitive, less talkative but amiable, I’m homely, trustworthy and generous


At what age did you enter the industry?

I joined the industry 5years ago

What does being an artist mean to you?
Being an actor is all about communicating a character and situations to an audience through speech, body language and movement. As well as 'acting', many actors also have to carry out lots of study in preparation for their role and have to take part in interviews with the media. Therefore being an actress is stressful, real work but won't take away the fact that it's fun.

Do you mind telling us about your family?
Smiles, hmm ... I really like to keep my family off the media for now, but I would just say my position in the family. Am the first born of the family? I have 3 younger ones. I have two younger brothers and one younger sister. 

Who inspired you to pursue your dream of acting?
Smiles again, I was inspired by God. Acting as been my life right from time.   When I was at the children's class in church, I joined the drama group, I also proceeded to the teenage class, then after which I decided to join the industry after school, Though I would always appreciate my mum for her support, she believed in my acting career and she had always encouraged me. 

Who have you worked with in the industry?
Hmm, are u sure you have the time for me to start counting... Laugh out loud, have worked with taiwo hassan also known as ogogo, have worked with Femi brainade, Yetunde wunmi, funke akindele, Jaiye kuti, mariam kareem, akin Lewis, stephiene okeke, sanyeri, tunde owokoniran popularly called 'tilapia', Bigval jokotade, Bola abidoye(Bollytea)just to mention a few.

Tell us, which movies have you featured in or produced?
Debbie’s kitchen, ayanfe mi, conflict of pain, alafehinti, itan abalaye, omidan meje, seun confirms, atiranmu gangan and so on.

Except for Nigeria, which Country would you love to visit?
Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! I love to visit the UK, USA and Paris. I would consider other countries later in future but for this 3 I love so much.

What are the challenges you face in the industry?
The industry is highly competitive, everyone has got talent to show, so if u don't work hard and I mean real hard work, you might not get reward for your labor, also the challenge all artist have is with the piracy, my God this really sucks. It's really a pain on the neck; we just pray an end will come to it.

Who is your celebrity crush?
Lol, why do we always get to answer this question especially the female? Clears throat, hmm. Please don't tell him I used to have a crush on pat atah but for now, none.  

What do you like to watch on TV?
If I have the time, I like to watch and listen to News, football and watch Nigeria movies.
What would you be if you were an artist?
Oops, my love for cooking. I love to cook, i don't get tired of cooking, in fact I went to a catering school. If am not an artist, then I would love to be one of the best chef. Just get me a neat kitchen, fresh ingredient and good utensils am good to go. Winks.

Do you have any hobbies?
Oh Yes, I like to travel a lot. I like to tour round, want to know what's happening everywhere, remember I told u am inquisitive, smiles...again I love cooking, I love the beach. I have to include that and browsing. 

What is your favourite music?
Music! Music!! Music!!!   I love blues a lot, hip hop and gospel.

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Lagos, buttered and bread in Lagos. Smiles, my schooling all through was in Lagos from primary to higher institution.

What kind of kid were you?
Oh my God. I wish I could have a kid like myself. As a kid I was very very gentle, I was peaceful and super emotional. My mum can tell you more about that. All I wanted around me as a kid was peace and I always wanted to share my toys, gift and food with other kids around. I can't remember fighting any kid or anybody.

Do you have any pets?
No not yet, but I will later, I would love to keep a parrot and dog in my compound later.

What kind of men are you into?
First and foremost, most importantly, God fearing and presentable.

Are you dating someone or married?
Hmm, i would like to keep that private. Winks again

What kind of advice would you give your fans or the upcoming ones?
Here is a piece from me: Don't ever ever stop believing in yourself even when anybody can’t see anything good in you and don't ever quit on your dreams. To my fan:   I love you so so much, wish I can meet you all one on one to appreciate and thank you all for the love if I have my way. You are all so wonderful. Muaah!!!

Do you have a favourite quote or saying that is always on you mind?
Yes I do: Just one action is far greater than a million intentions. Take action more and intend less.    Thank you.

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