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After breaking into the music industry with his
hit track, Atorise, Lanre Teriba, has remained a
strong force in the entertainment industry. He
has equally gone through some stormy moments
that almost crippled his career. Teriba shares his

You seem to have a lot going on in your life right

now, you floated a record label recently, you
have been shooting videos and you will be
dropping an album in the next two months, what
really are you up to?

I have been working on my new album which will
be released in October. I have been shuttling
between Europe and Nigeria for the last six
months to promote my music and also holding
series of meetings with my clients who have
been part of my dream since the day I started.
The new album has been on my mind for
sometime because I don’t want to release an
album that would not meet the expectations of
my fans. You know I didn’t release an album last
year, so I promised my fans that I would not let
them down this year. So, my new album would
be released and I am very sure that good music
lovers across the globe will embrace it.

What is between you and gospel singer, Itunu
Itunu is a gospel singer that is based in London.
What else do you want to know?

Reports had it that there is more to your
relationship than we know...
There is nothing more to anything. May be I
should use this medium to clear the air on the
matter. Itunu Glory is releasing her album in
October and I am also releasing mine same
month. Apart from that, she featured me in the
album and she’s releasing it on my record label,
Ltee Records. We are working together for the
progress of our career. I believe in her talent and
I have full confidence in her, because I have
seen what she can do and I am certain that she
will be a success. That is the relationship we
have. Anything outside that is nothing but media
creation and I am not ready to be dragged into

You are releasing your album in October, on
which record label would that be?
I am releasing it on Bayowa Films and Records

Why not on your label?
I think I have a relationship that is very cordial
with Bayowa and I want to keep it like that for
now. We have come a long way together and 
am sure he feels the same way I feel.

You didn’t release an album last year against the
fact that you promised you would release, will
this year not be like that?
I didn’t release an album last year, because I had
a lot to do and I didn’t want to confuse myself
and fans. Last year, I bought new musical
equipment and I was working on my Red Studio,
which was almost completed late last year, so I
could not really concentrate on the album. I
decided to postpone it and return with a big bang
this year. I have completed the album and it is
going to be different from what I have done

Since you released Atorise, you appeared to have
lost the steam that made you the favourite of
many people back then. Why have you not been
able to drop another hit track as popular as
I don’t believe I have lost my steam. I am still
the same Teriba that released Atorise, Atorise
series 2, Atorise remix in london, Onise-iyanu,
Alagbawi-nla, Boluwatife, Adeun-ayo, King of
kings, New chapter, Promise, Fulfilled, Soulmate,
Mighty God, Halleluyah and the latest one that is
coming out very soon, Unstoppable God. Talking
about Atorise, I believe there is a season for
every song and I strongly believe that every song
comes with its spirituality. I did not just release
Atorise, I wrote the song because of the
inspiration I got from God.

Do you still get that inspiration to sing?
Yes, I do. Apart from that, writing songs is the
most easiest thing for me, that’s why till date,
you can’t throw any of my songs away. Atorise
might have been the most popular track, because
God used it to change my story. I have done
other popular songs and I am proud of who I am
today. I could not have survived in this very
competitive industry if I am still basking in the
euphoria of Atorise. I am not disputing the fact
that Atorise was the breakthrough song for me,
but I have been consistent in dropping hit tracks
over the years. That’s one thing you can’t take
away from me.

Before the big break came, you were said to
have gone through some rough moments, could
you share the experience?
I don’t even know how to describe the
experience or should I say the story. My journey
to stardom was a very tough one. It was so bad
that nobody wanted to help or invest in me. I had
a very poor begining, we were even homeless to
the extent that we would sleep in churches or go
to Bar Beach Waterside for vigils because we
had no place to sleep. There was nobody to
encourage me and at a point I felt very miserable
to the extent that I became clueless about my
future. There was a particular time that I wore
one cloth for a whole year. It was so rough and
tough from the beginning to the extent that no
one wanted to associate with me because I was
tagged a dirty guy. The story changed one day
when a man, Mr Tunde Olokodana, CEO Infinity
music came to Nigeria and discovered me. I was
his first and only artist then. He likes me
because of my style which was unique and
deeply inspirational when I started. He gave me
the much-needed platform to rise.
 In the midst of your struggle, what kept you
If I tell you I know, I will be deceiving you. I just
love singing and I was always ready to sing
anytime I had the opportunity. I think one thing
that worked miraculously on the other hand was
my mum. She kept telling me to move on and
never be bothered by the challenges I was
facing. In fact, she told me that she had a vision
that I would be an inspirational singer, so that
encouraged me never to give up.

You have been criticised several times for your
style of gospel music and your flambouyant
lifestyle which some people believe is not in
tandem with the real gospel music, what do you
have to say about this?
Firstly, criticism is part of our business. I am a
gospel musician and that is not going to change.
How I sing it or where, does not really matter as
long as the message is getting to those who
should get it. Having said that, I am preaching
the gospel of Christ through my music and I am
very happy that people are feeling the impact of
my music in their lives. I think people should stop
talking about who is or not a gospel musician.
We should concentrate more on the messages
and listen attentively to every bit of it.

Do you think your lifestyle potrays you as a
gospel singer?
Let me ask you, what has my lifestyle got to do
with my music?
I think It has a lot to do, because a lot of people
see you as their role model and the way you
handle certain things may lead them astray if...
(Cuts in) That I am a gospel singer should not
affect my sense of dressing or how I appear in
public. It is not a hidden fact that I love to dress
well and look very presentable. There are many
flambouyant musicians across the globe and
people don’t judge them by what they wear but
what they sing. People should not forget that
this is showbiz and it means you have to show
that you are ready for business. So if you can’t
show what you have, you have no business to
sell in the first place. Another fact is that, people
will always talk. Whether you appear decent or
awry, they will never stop talking. I used to
bother about all that, but I have since made up
my mind to concentrate on my career, because
that is what makes me happy. I will leave the
talk to those who like to talk. I appreciate those
who look up to me, it shows that they like me. I
will try as much as possible to lead a good life.
But they should not forget that I am human and I
am not immune against mistakes. I can only pray
that God should continue to guide me right so
that I won’t fall.

Let me go personal a bit, you are married with
kids, but you relocated your family abroad, why
did you do that?
You started by saying you wanted to go personal,
that means what you are asking me is personal
and I have the prerogative to keep it personal or
tell you about it. My take is that I am happily
married and I am very happy with my family and
how things have been working out. I visit my
family regularly and I am pleased to tell you that
my family is my rock. I work hard so that I can
take care of them. You need to know what it
takes to relocate your family abroad and take
care of their bills. I don’t like talking about my
family. They don’t have any reason to be
mentioned in this interview. They are entitled to
their privacy. I am the one that chose to be in
the public and I am not complaining. They didn’t
ask for this, why should they be the subject of

You are one of the gospel singers that charge
above 1 million naira per show, some people
believe it is too much, what do you have to say
about this?
I have a management that handles the aspect of
fee. It is not in my place to discuss money.
That’s why those people are there to negotiate
with my clients. I am sure my people know what
is best for me and my clients. Mind you, I have
done shows that I did not charge as high as the
figures you have mentioned and I have done
shows that fetched me more than what you have
said. It does not depend on me alone, because
we work as a team. I didn’t get to this level
today alone. I have worked with people who have
contributed largely to the success you are
talking about today.

Sometime ago, you vowed to win the Grammy as
a gospel singer, how realistic is this your
I am very serious about it. It is just that some
factors may hinder it, but if we can work on
those things, nothing stops me or other gospel
singers from clinching the Grammy. If TV and
radio stations all over the world generally give
promotional support to the gospel music same
way they have been given circular music
everywhere in the world, we should be able to
win it. I wish to take gospel music to the
Grammy and I also want different companies to
endorse gospel artistes the same way they
empower other genre of music.

What is your relationship with other gospel
artistes like?
We are all cool together . I am also a member of

Have you ever thought of making a duet with
other artiste?
There is no big deal in that as long as the artiste
is ready to pay my management fees.

What is your most embarassing moment?
My embarrassing moment was same moment
God heard my cries. The night I went for a
musical concert at Agege, and when I was about
to sing they sent me away from the stage,
because of their guest artist.I cried and prayed
to God and he heard my prayer.
What is your biggest dream?
I wish to be a senator or a governor in Ogun
State later in future and at the same time be an
usher in the church of God.

What is your fashion rule like?
I wear anything that looks smart on me.

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