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 We met one of our Nigeria Nollywood Actress, Joke Jigan who shares a little bio about herself. She is an Actress and also a Producer. Read more about her below.........

What are your names?
My names are
Jigan Adejoke Abibat popularly known as Joke Jigan.
Can you please tell us who Joke Jigan really is?
I’m a very very cool headed Actress, I’m a loving person and as you can see I play a lot. I don’t even act as a celebrity, some of my friends are like I am too playful, what is wrong with me, I’m a celebrity but I don’t act like one, I’m a jovial celebrity. I’m an actress with too much e’em play; I play a lot (laughs)

What does being an Actress mean to you?
Huh….. We work till late, we wake up early. Very very stressful, at the same time, it’s fun. You get to meet people, you travel everywhere. I’ve worked with really big people, like here now, Uncle Oluwale Samson Adebayo is the Director of this movie, and he is a very nice/cool headed person and the producer too. But being an actress is a whole lot on its own; it’s a very stressful job.

So, do you mind telling us about your family?
Family? ... hum mm, I’m from a very big one, my dad is married with two (2) wives, my mom is the first. I’m the last born of my mum, (smiles) we are like 24; my dad has a team (laughs a lot with the interviewer). I’m from a big family.

Okay, so who inspired you to pursue your dream of acting?
Hmm, I’ve always wanted to be an actress from day 1, I mean when I was in secondary school, I belong to a theater group then, even in church, we do drama. So acting as been a dream for me from day 1, it’s not that as if I see someone that inspire me, yeah I mean a lot of people inspired me but acting has been something I want to do from onset.

Who have you worked with in the Movie Industry?
Haaaa, if I start to count now, I’m sure we won’t leave here today. I’ve worked with a whole lot of people, beautiful people.

Nice, except of Nigeria. Which country would you love to visit?
Huh Oh, okay. I would love to see my boyfriend in London. Probably do a vacation in Paris, hmm UK and Paris.

What are the challenges you faced in Movie Industry?
Hmm, challenges!!! Am I really supposed to say that? Money wise, market wise. You know piracy. They won’t let us rest. The way they pirate our movie is crazy, in fact there are certain movies that before they come out, we see them in the market. And there is a certain poster which I saw myself but I’m not in that movie, the way this piracy thing is going, I think we should do something about it. It’s a very big challenge.

So, who is your celebrity crush?
(Smiles) Oh My God, ahah. My celebrity crush is………. Should I say his name or not? Burna Boy. I love Burna Boy. I’m crushing for him like there is no tomorrow.

What do you watch on TV?
Hum!!! Music, most times I like to dance. I don’t really get to stay at home but the little time I get to stay at home, I really like hum dance, dance and dance

Okay, what would you be if you were not an actress?
If I’m not an Actress, what would I be doing? Hum, I will still be an Actress (laughs). If I’m not an Actress, I would still be an Actress (laughs again)

Do you have any hobby (ies)?
I like to swim, I like to shop, I like shopping, I love reading books, I love meeting people. I don’t really like traveling though, but ‘coz of what I do, I travel a lot. So I really like shopping, my number one hobby, I love to shop. Love shopping.

What is your favorite genre of music?
…. (Cuts in, with a lovely voice). Hip Hop, the way Burna Boy sings. Oh My God, huh. There is this one he did with Aka and others, and Sarkodie. I love Hip hop.

Okay, where did you grow up as a kid?
Ijebu ife, Ogun State. I grew up there; I attended both my primary and secondary there.

What kind of kid were you then?
I was a very loving kid, I was a peaceful child. I don’t look for troubles, I don’t fight, I like making friends, hanging out with friends. My mum was like “you this child, you like to go out”. I was a peaceful child.

Do you have pets?
Oh, yes. I have Brittany. Her name is Brittany, I love her so much....

… (Cuts in) a dog?
Yes, a dog.

What type of men are you into?
(Smiles) nobody likes a pot belly man; I love guys with six packs. Lol

Are you dating or married to someone?
Oh, yeah. I have someone I’m dating, my fianc√©

If I may ask, can you tell us his name?
Argh, nope. We decide to make it low for now.

What type of advice would you give your fans or the upcoming ones?
Anything you are good at, continue doing it. And most importantly, go to school.

Do you have a favorite quote or saying that is always on your mind?
Do I have one? No.

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